Blue Diamond Auto Leasing

Our Story

Blue Diamond is a company that is focused on making your new car leasing experience a hassle-free one. The way of the future begins from the comfort of your own home. We take care of all the back and forth with dealerships and you just sit back and relax while you wait for your car to be delivered to your front door. We take away the shark sales representatives from your leasing experience and add in the ease of use and comfort of a safe and easy purchase.

We understand how stressful and time-consuming an experience purchasing a car can be, relieving you of that is what Blue Diamond is here for. With over 15 years of experience cleaning cars and desking the deal, we know and understand our customers better than anyone.

Don’t dwell on the decision on your next car purchase – call us and we’ll serve you with our top of the line door-to-door service. We work with dealerships all across the country and know who gives the best deals all the time.

Our team spends hours researching which dealerships are moving the latest in automotive lines – what we like to call “burning gas”.

Our business is trust and transparency, and our customers family.

Why Choose Us


Right from the beginning, we seek to build a healthy relationship with each of our customers, as well as with friendly dealerships strewn across the country. It is this strength in numbers that fosters our very transparency.


That very trust is made even stronger by your knowledge in every step in the process and how it affects you and those we work with. Our open engagement builds happiness with both our clients and dealerships and makes the leasing process an even stronger one.


Our values form the very pillars by which this company stands. Standing by these we grow as both a partnership with our friendly dealerships and as a family with our trusting customers. Together we grow stronger and do an even better job every day.

We deliver

Strong work ethics and a firm belief in our values might be vital to our business, but it’s our results that speak for us at the end of the day. Don’t hesitate on that free quote and contact us today.

24/7 Support

From the early steps in the leasing process all the way to the final delivery we’ll be there for you. Questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us.