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Blue Diamond Auto Leasing is proud to serve clients in Monroe, Miami Dade,  Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

We work with all major automakers from family cars to luxury vehicles, our service and prices can not be beaten.

Are you in the market to buy or lease a new car?

If you are, we are here to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible.   Let our experienced negotiators get you the vehicle of your dreams at the right price all from the comfort of your home or office.

The advantages of teaming up with an auto leasing broker are endless. If you’re a lot like the vast majority of people out there, buying cars is something that’s totally unfamiliar and not pleasant to you. That’s precisely why the last thing you want to do is battle it out against car sales person’s who are professionals. Auto leasing isn’t exactly the most straightforward and clear subject out there. It goes into all sorts of things that may make you want to scratch your head and walk away. Just to name a few hurdles we make easy for you are financing, taxes, insurance, and even dealer fees.


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    We know that leasing a vehicle can be complicated, but we’re here to make it as easy and painless as possible. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire process, from choosing your perfect car to signing on the dotted line. And if you have any questions along the way, our friendly staff is always available by phone or email.

    Our team is always looking for new car deals, rebates, and incentives to offer you.  Check our promotions frequently or simply call us to get the latest pricing.  Our team is here to help you 7 days a week. And YES, we also offer great deals with zero down, check our lease deals page for more information.

    We Are Open 7 Days A Week To Better Serve You

    If you are ready to get started, we would recommend applying online on our secure application.   It will take you less than five minutes to complete and you will have an answer in less than 24 hours.  If you have questions while filling out the form please call us and we will be glad to help you.

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    It’s time to get behind the wheel of your dream car without breaking the bank. With Blue Diamond Auto Leasing, we make it easy to drive away in style at an affordable price that fits within your budget. Whether you want a luxury sedan or SUV with all of the bells and whistles, our team will help you find what you need at prices that won’t break the bank! Plus, we have special offers available now so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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    Why Use A Car Leasing Broker?

    Spending time inside of any auto dealership can be a rather frustrating and overwhelming thing. Auto dealerships tend to be bright, fast-paced, and chock-full of salespersons who rely on terminology that’s complex and bewildering. The atmosphere of a car dealership can be enough to make anyone want to simply leave and postpone. If you want to simplify your time leasing a vehicle, then it may be wise for you to allow a more seasoned individual to tackle any and all negotiations for you. At Blue Dimond Auto leasing all of our staff have “been there and done that” in leasing.  Over 20 years of combined experience in the auto industry at your service.

    We have assisted countless satisfied customers, take a look at our Instagram page for real client reviews. We streamlined the auto leasing process, our goal is always to get you the best deal.  We’re open 7 days a week for your convenience. If you want to lease a contemporary, safe and dependable vehicle in sun-kissed Miami, Florida, then it’s up to you to drop us a line here at Blue Diamond Auto Leasing. You can call or email our team for details.

    Find answers to the most common questions in our How It Works page.  If you are ready to get started please fill out our simple pre-qualification form and one our representatives will be contacting you.

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